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Boost your productivity and easily find emails with this powerful Chrome extension!


URL Opener and Email Extractor


Versatile & Powerful

enhance your online experience and streamline your workflow.

Effortlessly Open

allows you to effortlessly open multiple URLs

Easy Download

download the data in an organized CSV format

Social Media

Collect information from:Linkedin,Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Instagram,Tiktok,etc

User Interface


Most frequent questions and answers

Input a list of URLs, click “Open Urls,” and the extension will extract data. Use “Ctrl + Enter” to start or “ESC” to close without extraction.

Yes, toggle the switch in the options to choose whether to close the tab after extraction.

Yes, the URL Opener and Email Extractor extension is completely free.

Click “Download” to save the data as a CSV file.

Click “Preview” to see the data in a table format in a new window.

Yes, click “Clear” to remove all data.

Yes, the data is not uploaded or shared. Your information is safe and secure.


Hi! I’m Jack Tao, an independent developer, I’ve developed various applications and browser extensions, such as the URL Opener and Email Extractor, to help users streamline their workflows.

I value feedback from my users and continuously work towards refining my products to ensure they are efficient and secure. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out. Let’s work together to make the digital world more efficient and user-friendly!

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